Why Opus

At Opus Advisory, we focus on helping mid-market companies by providing a “high touch”, proactive, analytic based approach to employee benefit management.   By employing a diverse group of individuals from carrier, brokerage and underwriting backgrounds, Opus has created a unique process of insurance management that challenges the status quo of renewing and managing employee benefits for our clients. We have found that many consultants are approaching health & welfare renewals the same way that they were managed 10 or 15 years ago; where the conclusion to mitigating costs comes down to three main alternatives:  Changing carriers, reducing benefits, or increasing employee contributions.  Our process has turned this status quo approach upside down and has led to much lower trends for our clients.
As evidence mounts that physical health is just one aspect of an employee’s overall health and wellbeing; we realize the growing importance of a strong benefits program for the mid-market employer.  Holistic solutions should be customized, aligned with business objectives, and focused on results to lead to a better outcome.  ‘One size fits all’ client management doesn’t work, and our team focuses on innovative, personalized strategies that address the needs of your business and workforce.